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About me

"Work that matters, for people who care” 

Seth Godin

Tony Enev

This is what I doProviding VALUES!


Tony is highly work dedicated, very loyal to his team, his customers and the investors. His reporting system is a very accurate, clear statement with a good projection of our goal and strategy. 

He likes to learn as much as possible. He is very curious about the philosophy of life and how to make the business successful. This combination makes Tony as a person - unique.


I have work with him for more than 10 years and every day is a special day with Tony!

Hwie Kwee /linkedin - Together we aspire together we achieve!



Over 15 years, Tony Enev has looked after our two motorboats: a Princess440 and a new P58,  with great excellence. He also helped us a lot in dealing with the authorities (this was not part of his job). Thanks to his problem-solving attitude and multi-language skills, all was done quite quickly.

Tony made life onboard problem-free and very pleasant for us!

Thomas Bär



For more than five years Tony and his company have been looked after my sailboat Beneteau 57. For me as a client three things are of major importance: all systems to work, the boat to be perfect ready before my arrival and quick solution in case of emergency.

Tony, with his obsession with organization and outstanding communications, enhanced my expectations all the time.


He was always ahead of the problems. His stable state to work under pressure and his creativity for problem-solving allow him for a quick solution in any emergency situation we had!

Marc Hansen



Tony Enev is a student and an associate of mine in the area of Boomerang Sport for 15+ years.

He is а good boy with а brave heart!

He demonstrates a rich experience in communication with people worldwide and the organization of quite different events. Tony is overfull with energy and bright ideas. When he has a new idea in his head - he jumps to realize it with all his power and skills.

Just give Tony a good question, a hard task or offer him an intriguing plan and be ready for а positive surprises.


Georgi D.

Dimana Boomerangs


Throughout his sporting career, Tony has demonstrated his abilities to organize and lead constructively. His impact on the development of the Boomerang sport has meant a breakthrough without equality! Its fruits continue to be seen today even at the international level, in the Organization and promotion of events.


All in order to get the best of each person, and the way to fit the skills of each one within a heterogeneous group.

Alejandro Palacio

Vice President IFBA 

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